Tenn-Tuck Bracket Bash Results – July 6th-8th

Tenn-Tuck Bracket Bash Results – July 6th-8th

Greg Coffman picks up the last winning time slip of the weekend when he defeated Steve Hohimer in Sunday’s Big Bucks Final.  Coffman rolled in Sunday morning got a new entry time run then won 8 straight rounds and parked it in the winner’s circle.  Congratulations to all winners & runner-ups and thank you for all that came out and raced with us this weekend! 

Saturday was a beautiful day at the track with nothing but sunshine and 80 degree temps!  Big Bucks race picked up several cars with 136 making the call for first round.  Greg Rice returned to the Big Bucks final again on Saturday but was Runner-up once again.  Jason Ferrell picked up the big check and trophy in the Big Bucks Race.  Little Bucks race also saw a dragster/door car final with Will Holloman defeating Clayton Clark in the final round.

Saturday Big Bucks:  Jason Ferrell Champion – Greg Rice Runner-Up

Saturday Little Bucks:  Will Holloman Champion – Clayton Clark Rup

With a 90% chance of rain forecasted for a week leading up to the event; Friday looked to be a total wash out.  But the weather man was wrong again…WAY wrong.  We completed 2 rounds of time runs and 16 Rounds of eliminations all before 8pm without a single drop of rain. 

Friday Big Bucks: Caleb Rediker Champion – Greg Rice Runner-Up

Friday Little Bucks:  Mike Smith Champion – Dave Angelly Runner-Up

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