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NHRA ET Series Racing

Season kicks off Sunday, March 7th! 

Congratulations to our 2020 Track Champions!

Thank you to all for racing with us this season!


Beech Bend Raceway wins the Team Championship at the NHRA Division 3 Summit ET Finals!

Derick Adams wins Pro ET!  Lynda Ratliff wins Sportsman!  John Markham Runner-up in Motorcycle!

An amazing effort to have a team member in 3 of the 4 classes final rounds.  Thank you to all the team members for representing Beech Bend Raceway and bringing home the Team Wally for the first time since 2012! 

Good luck to Derick and Lynda as they travel to Vegas to compete for the NHRA National Championship!


Beech Bend Raceway is proud to partner with This is Bracket Racing to offer a unique and new opportunity to our NHRA ET Series Racers.  YOU can become a World Champion without leaving your home track!  Read the details HERE.   

Select race dates for Beech Bend Raceway are August 23rd, Sept 6th, November 1st & November 8th.

Two Championship Classes:  Top Bulb (Super Pro) and Bottom Bulb (Pro ET)

One time entry fee of $50 to enter The Driver Series with a Guaranteed $2,500 Championship Payday.  Accumulate points at Beech Bend Raceway and compete against racers all over the country!

Get signed up HERE


2020 NHRA ET Series Race

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Summit ET Series Results & Photos

211, 2020

NHRA ET Series SUPER SUNDAY – November 1st, 2020

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Terry Hoke takes home the final Super Sunday $5,000 win of the year!  Thank you to all that came out and raced with us on a cool and wind November afternoon.  Thank you to all [...]

Summit ET Series Points

Super Pro Points

  1. 450pts – Randy Carter
  2. 440pts – Tom Flowers
  3. 400pts – Tony Gardner
  4. 380pts – Adam Cline
  5. 350pts – Derick Adams
  6. 330pts – Edmond Richardson
  7. 330pts – Randy Rice
  8. 290pts – Kelt Louden
  9. 280pts – Ronnie Kinser
  10. 280pts – Rickey Boggs

Pro ET Points

  1. 430pts – Brady Mase
  2. 390pts – Timmy Neely
  3. 370pts – Jason Haley
  4. 350pts – Adam Cline
  5. 340pts – Logan Kirby
  6. 300pts – Joseph Steele
  7. 290pts – Lynda Ratliff
  8. 280pts – Larry Key
  9. 280pts – Earl Talley
  10. 270pts – Taylor Bowling

Sportsman Points

  1. 450pts – Luke Wiseman
  2. 440pts – Earl Talley
  3. 440pts – Timmy Neely
  4. 400pts – Lynda Ratliff
  5. 390pts – Chris Cowles
  6. 360pts – Joseph Steele
  7. 360pts – Larry Key
  8. 330pts – John Gray
  9. 320pts – Joseph Russell
  10. 310pts – Jerry Woods

Jr. Dragster Points

  1. 410pts – Connor Dumanski
  2. 350pts – Shelby Thurman
  3. 300pts – Hunter Adams
  4. 280pts – Connor Adams
  5. 280pts – Kory Barnes
  6. 280pts – Luka Gerametta
  7. 260pts – Parker Deweese
  8. 160pts – Destiny Lynch
  9. 160pts – Abbey Cook
  10. 140pts – Caeson Markham

1/4mi Trophy Points

  1. 500pts – Chris Cowles
  2. 350pts – Joseph Russell
  3. 290pts – John Gray
  4. 280pts – Luke Wiseman
  5. 210pts – Elizabeth Cline
  6. 210pts – James Roger
  7. 120pts – Tim Samuel
  8. 90pts – Cody Maynard
  9. 70pts – Toby Blankenship
  10. 60pts – David Roe
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NHRA ET General Rules

Renegade Race Fuel available at the Track.

110 Leaded fuel by the gallon or Methanol by the drum.

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