SS/S Combo

SS/S Combo 2019-01-01T18:14:54-04:00

Congratulations Nick Morris!

2018 Quick Fuel SS/S Combo Champion

2019 Quick Fuel SS/S Combo Series

Sunday, April 7th

Saturday, May 18th

Sunday, May 19th

Saturday, July 27th

Sunday, July 28th

Saturday, August 17th

Sunday, August 18th

Sunday, September 15th

*Sunday Races Qualifying at 10:30am

*Saturday Races Qualifying at 5pm

*NHRA Stock/Super Stock rules and Index’s used.  Race format: 2 Rounds of qualifying against personal index then laddered.  Heads-up if same class meets in competition.

Quick Fuel Technology
SS/S Combo Points
1. Nick Morris 380
2. Braden Wells  250
3. TC Morris  220
4. Ryan Walther  200
5. Mike Robinson  200
6. Rickey Stephens  190
7. Ryan Haag  190
8. Mike Welfel  180
9. Johnnie Raikes  180
10. Marcus Widuch  180